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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

uNeMpLoYeD LiKe tHe ReSt

Millions of Unemployed Americans

I never thought I would be included in this category as a teacher

I was under the impression that teachers were always needed due to the high turnover rate.  I also thought teaching was one of those professions I could do anywhere.  But wait, teaching was also supposed to be rewarding, magical, and fun, yet challenging. 

Challenging is an understatement.  Either times have changed or I was completely disillusioned or both.  I feel like I have been lied to, robbed, and insulted like a fool.  Who cares that I went to school for five years, paid ever-rising university grade tuition and fees, and exerted myself beyond measures in order to stand out to pursue a dreamy career as an overlooked, disrespected and overworked high stakes testing machine?  I respect teachers who can stick it out through the crap and still find satisfaction, not to mention still be standing through to the next school year.  Never mind those extra qualifications and recommendations.  Actually, that's too good.  Too good=too expensive.  Yet they want quality? NCLB is nothing compared to the worries out there now.  America has a shaky future, for sure.

Three years and then some later, I still have not landed a regular full time teaching position.  Despite all of it, only recently have I faced the ugly truth:  I will never be a teacher.  All my enthusiasm has faded away in the stark reality of having to start over again.  It kills me to give up and walk away, but I can't say I didn't try.  I always thought the reason for me not to teach in the future would be due to early burnout, if at all... not denial. 

This is my new reality. 


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